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August 24, 2012.

Office location

2-29-2 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013, Japan

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Our Business

・Application Development
・Sales of overseas software products in Japan
・Online shopping web management
・Consulting business

Sales Partner in Japan

Amazon Japan G.K.
SB C&S Corp.(SoftBank Corp. Group)
Vector Inc. (TSE JQ 2656)
Rakuten Group, Inc. (TYO 4755)
Shopify Inc.
Yahoo Japan Corporation

Part of a Product Lineup & Operating WebSite

eM Client

LODESTAR JAPAN INC. is founded by a team of business and marketing experts who individually have over 10 years of extensive experience and well-established connections in software industry and media in Japan. We are one of the distributors in Japan for independent software developers around the world.Our goal is to provide a quality service to our clients to establish a viable, strong, and profitable business in the highly competitive IT market place. At the same time, we always put efforts to provide the best possible experience for the end-users who seek high-quality products at affordable price and friendly customer support.

E-Commerce Solution

We provides a flexible B2C e-commerce solution that allows clients all over the world to help maximizing their profits at the same time expanding their business and/or brand appearance in the targeted region while reducing fixed operational costs.Our e-commerce solution is customizable. It is perfect for the clients who are looking for a combination of specific service, such as online store creation, design service, localization service, strategic local marketing and PR services, customer service, technical support, and logistical support and deliveries of physical product.
  • Store Customization: We create a store that is completely adapted to your products and brand design.
  • Cloud Control Panel and Account Manegement: With our user friendly management system, you can easily modify sales status and pricing, manage customer information, and generate real-time sales reports.
  • Merchandising: With versatile system functionalities like promotion code, cross-marketing, up-sell, and landing page A/B test, you can improve user experience and optimize resources through a combination of rigorous market analysis and planning.
  • World Wide Solutions: Our multi-lingual cart supports multiple currencies and e-mail supports.
  • Security: Fully equipped security features to prevent online fraud.

Software Publishing

There is unlimited potential for your products to become successful in Japanese market, but the structure of Japanese market and culture is unique. We are there for you to provide all-in-one solution to succeed in the Japanese market.
  • Business planning and custom development of your online shop
  • Creation/Localization of Japanese website with ESD capability
  • Marketing and PR services in Japan
  • Sales management with real-time reporting system
  • Technical writing and localization of applications
  • Customer support
  • Legal affairs solutions
We also provide a support for Japanese companies who are seeking an opportunity to enter into the overseas market. For more information, please feel free to contact us.
  • EMAIL: biz(at)